Friday, August 29, 2008

We Went to Grand Manan On Our Last Day of Vacation So We Could Go On a Puffin Tour

The only thing that Peter wanted to do on our trip was to take a boat to Machias Island to see puffins. It was a beautiful sunny day when we drove from Bar Harbor and took the ferry to GM. The next morning ... it was raining and the tour had been cancelled. I still had a good time because we stayed at the ultra-porny Compass Rose Inn, but Peter vows he will never set foot on Grand Manan again.

Incidentally, doesn't Peter take great pictures? I really like the one of the lifeboat on the ferry.


Blogger Netter said...

Peter and I have the same feeling about that Island. A few years ago, I went with a couple of pals to visit the Island for the day. THEY checked the ferry sched...and they were idiots. The ferry didn't leave until the following day. I had to spend the night on an Island without a change of clothes or pj's. Sure it was lovely...sure...but I need my jammies and fresh clothes for the morning. Thank goodness we found a room, because if I had to sleep in the car, I would have been beyond pissed.

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