Monday, January 09, 2006

I Know This Is Stupid, But...

I saw one of the old Martha Stewart Living episodes Saturday...there was a segment about a pomegranate farm called "Pom Wonderful." It made me crave a pomegranate, so I picked one up Sunday. While cutting it, I noticed the sticker..."PomWonderful" and "" It was a Martha pomegranate. I thought that was pretty cool.


Blogger Peter Gibbons said...

Slowly, Martha is carrying out her plan to enslave the human race.

The whole prison thing was just to throw us off her trail.

You do realize that "Martha" backwards is "Ahtram"? Ahtram! Ahtram!

Stop Ahtram before it's to late!

12:05 AM  
Blogger ramblin' rosie said...

Loooove Martha..

LOVE her!

11:33 AM  

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