Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Is January 1st. Love first day of New Year, fresh new start and all. Had quiet evening last night, Chinese and Jumbo-tron with P. Do not love New Year's Eve, as feels as though should be out doing something wildly exciting. Have had exciting, drunken New Year's with The Boy, am just too tired. Boy is at Nanny's for the day, so am off duty until about 4pm. Am going to have oatmeal and orange for breakfast, in with the whole "improve diet" resolution... am following example of Dad, who eats oatmeal and an orange, or cream of wheat, or some cooked cereal, and a grapefruit every morning, and is incredibly healthy, rarely gets colds or flu.
Also, must take down Christmas tree today, and try and find room for Boy's massive amount of new toys.


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