Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas over. Was a very good one. Spent it at crazy, raving mad (ex) inlaws, along with almost all 8 sisters and brothers-inlaw, plus assorted spouses and kids. Ex inlaws will always love me, as giver of life to precious First Grandson.
Was a lot of fun, with grandkids running around screaming, ex father-in law flatulating up a storm, ex brother- in law utterly shitfaced and bellowing, karaoke in one room, Trival Pursuit in the kitchen with cursing and yelling between the teams...luckily I was on the ex mother-in law's team...the last time we played on different teams she took offense to something I said, threw something on the table at me, and gave me a fat lip (she didn't mean to give me a fat lip, she even started to cry when it swelled up.) Good times.
The Boy was somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of gifts. He had to open them in stages. He was also astounded that the cookies and beer left out for Santa were gone in the morning.

Favourite gifts:

- 4 bars of almond soap from Garden By The Sea, cute little store in St. Andrew's owned by two Back To The Landers, who decided to leave the big city Yuppie life and move to the Maritimes to make and sell handmade soap. Peter and I were there in the summer, and they were out of the damn almond soap. Was I ever pissed. It is the nicest smelling soap I've ever used.

- Chapters gift card from ex mother-inlaw. That was nice. Then, my mother gave me two of the Chapters gift cards I give my Dad every year, and said, "He'll never use these, you should take them." I'm much too greedy to have been insulted. Chapters is open in 7 hours. Should get some sleep.


Blogger Peter Gibbons said...

and most people would be offended by the gift of soap.

Good thing I opted NOT to write "Merry Christmas Pigpen" on the tag.


9:51 AM  

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