Friday, January 13, 2006

Night Off

My two year-old is spending the night with his father, so I have a whole evening off. I'm meeting P. at Costco! I know, very exciting. Actually, I love Costco. They have lots of samples, interesting things you don't see anywhere else, and cheap books.
I also need to get cracking on the cross-stitch sampler I'm making my sister-in-law for her wedding. She's pregnant (which is awesome,) and can't decide whether to move the wedding date up to March when she's in her second trimester and feeling relatively good and not huge, or until October after the baby is born. I think she should do it early. In October, the baby will be a couple of months old, and yes, will look sweet all dressed up at the wedding, but my sister-in-law will be a lactating, sleep-deprived, hormonal mess with monster boobs, and will probably still be carrying around some of the baby weight.

Anyhoo, tonight...

- Costco
- clean up the disaster area that my two year-old turned my apartment into
- cross-stitch


Blogger Peter Gibbons said...

Monster boobs! :-)

4:51 PM  

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