Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Can't Wait For Summer

Peter and the Boy and I went out to the Hopewell Rocks on the weekend. The Boy had a great time, and was covered in Bay of Fundy mud by the time we left.
Being there got me really itching for summer.


Blogger Schell said...

The scenery where you are is stunning.

11:38 PM  
Blogger SusannahS said...

The Boy is soooo cute.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Rogue Buccaneer said...

The scenery is lovely out there. Great photo DH....except for that ugly Monteal Canadiens toque. Poor kid!


4:45 AM  
Blogger Knitting Momma said...

This is why Moncton was part of that Parade magazine "10 Best Unknown Places To Visit" or whatever. Gorgeous...are all the little boys as cute as yours? ;)

10:03 AM  
Blogger Brandy said...

Gorgeous Pics!

1:34 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

What a cutie-patootie! Now your boy knows everything there is to know about mud physics! Isn't childhood wonderful! That's a precious pic!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Peter-Gibbons said...

New camera.
(with new lens from...eBAY!!)

3:08 PM  
Blogger Darlene said...

wow - really nice pics! You're little one is a cutie! It looks beautiful there.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous andi said...

Woo wee look at that mud. Love the scenery. Looks like something in the movies.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Kare said...

How pretty.

11:49 PM  

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