Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Book Club Meeting

I really enjoyed myself. Super friendly ladies, no big words or anything else over my head. Plus, they meet in Chapters, so I was able to pop into Starbucks for a Vanilla Creme.
I don't know anything about Barbara Delinsky, but what the hell, I joined a book club to broaden my literary horizons.

I Love Bulk Barn

It's very inspiring. All the stuff makes me want to cook and bake. It's also about the only store where you can have a basketful of stuff, and it winds up costing only 83 cents.

Hidden Talents

Something you probably don't know about Peter, that I just found out myself recently...he can juggle! For real! He can juggle three things at a time while walking! It's very impressive.


Who is Robin? He's got a link to her blog!
I actually got all excited, imaging all the possible fireworks!
I need a life.