Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's blueberry season! Real blueberries, local wild blueberries, not the huge, tasteless highbush berries trucked in from a thousand miles away.
Peter was kind enough to entertain the Boy while I made a classic blueberry grunt the other day, berries swimming in their own juices, with a bready topping, served warm with whipped cream.
Of course, Peter wouldn't touch it, and the Boy says he doesn't like "boo-berries." Just means more for me.

Quilt Progress

I get off work at 7pm. By the time the Boy has had his bath, bedtime snack, stories, and cuddle time, it's usually after 9pm by the time he's in bed.
Being on vacation means I can get the Boy to bed at a decent hour...8pm. Which means an extra hour of Mommy time. I finished this Boxwood Hill block a couple of nights ago.