Sunday, August 06, 2006

French Fort Cove

French Fort Cove is a beautiful little area between Chatham and Newcastle. It used to have just a small footbridge and a few rough trails, but it's been turned into a very nice park in the past few years. It's also home to the Miramichi's most famous ghost, the Headless Nun.

My In-Law's House

My ex husband's parents have the most incredible house. When I first met him in 1991, it was a falling down wreck of a house. My dad started fixing a few things around the place for them after he retired and was bored out of his mind, and in about ten years, has redone every room in the house, some twice, and made almost all the furniture. Now it's an amazing example of house porn supreme. Oh, and it has a ghost. It's a lady in a long dress, and she's been seen a few times. We think the Boy saw her once. The picture on the bottom is the room she's been seen in the most.

Just A Few Things My Dad Made

Probably a third of the world's oak trees are in this house. Everything is solid oak.
My dad had made a few shelves when he first started hanging around here. Now he makes the most beautiful furniture and cabinets that will be around for generations. He says you don't know what you can do until you try it.
These few pictures don't do justice to all the stuff in the house he's made.