Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Havana is beautiful (the parts that aren't crumbling, that is)! And huge! And old!

-Me with the famous "Cigar Lady" of Havana. The poor thing clearly has never had any sort of dental care in her life.

- The lighthouse and fort at the entrance to the harbour. Pirates used to come here! Real pirates, the Johnny Depp variety!

- A view from the tallest building in the city, where we had lunch.

- The Capitol building, where I got very lost looking for a washroom.

- The Old City.

- The Ambos Mundos Hotel, where Ernest Hemingway used to stay before setting up a home outside the city. We drove past his favourite drinking hole, the Floridita, but didn't stop. I had really wanted to visit his home, Finca Vigia, but we just didn't have a chance.

- The obligatory picture of the Ministry of the Interior building with the iron portrait of Che Guevara in Revolution Square.