Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Went To The Lighthouse At Cape Enrage On Saturday

One of the most beautiful spots in the province, in my opinion. Also one of the coldest and windiest. It's right on the Bay of Fundy, and you can see Nova Scotia in the distance. And, the old lightkeeper's house is open as a restaurant in the summer, where they have a tasty dessert called "Cake Enrage," which never fails to amuse me.

In The Boy's Version, The Old Man Is A Flatulent Old Pervert

The Boy's own twist on the lyrics of "This Old Man," bellowed at the top of his lungs while feeding ducks at a very busy park on Sunday:
"This old man
He played one
He played knick-knack on my BUM
With a knick-knack paddy-wack
Give a dog a bone
This old man came FARTING home"