Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 Dresses (Inspired By "27 Dresses")

Here are the bridesmaid dresses (still) hanging in my closet!

#1) 1992. My first time as a bridesmaid. We all really liked the dresses. Little did I realize then that I would one day look back upon it with such horror. Note the matching shoes. Don't I look sweet and innocent?

#2) 1993 (I think). The sexy bridesmaid dress. I'm so skinny!

#3) 1996? Dark green and velvety, and appropriately warm for the cool weather. I really liked that dress. I wish I could say the same about my hair. And why does my head look so lopsided?

#4) My brother's wedding, and the first time I realized that the woman he was marrying was a cruel, sadistic person.

#5) My ex husband's sister's wedding two falls ago. Strapless , midcalf length with an empire waist... very cute, but only looks good on the flat-chested and very skinny. I looked like such a heifer in it that I just couldn't bring myself to post a pic of me in it.

By the way, one of my bridesmaids actually did wear her dress again, on New Year's!