Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Finished These

I couldn't put these down. I finished one and picked the other right up.
Linda Greenlaw is the real person who was played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in the movie "The Perfect Storm."
She was the only female swordboat captain (and very successful,) and now fishes for lobster.
Imagine spending thirty days at a time trapped on a small boat with a bunch of smelly men who probably didn't look even remotely like George Clooney or even Marky Mark....she must be one tough bitch.

Fundy National Park

Went to Fundy yesterday with Peter and two of my co-workers. It's so gorgeous there.


We ate in Alma, at the Tides restaurant.
While maybe not the world's best chowder, it's pretty good. Alma also is home to Kelly's Bake Shop, with the "World's Best Sticky Buns." Their buns have even been written up in Chatelaine magazine.

Fort Beausejour

We went out to Fort Beausejour Saturday, as well. I've driven past it for years and never been there.
It was very interesting, with beautiful scenery. It also had big hills Captain Underpants enjoyed climbing.


Went to the Waterfowl park in Sackville, just half an hour from Moncton.
Only saw one family of ducks, but there was a flipflop floating in the water.
We had lunch at Mel's Tearoom. That's Sackville's famous diner.