Sunday, May 28, 2006

We Made It In One Piece!

Though, just barely! Salem is not a tiny little's a big honking city! And all the cities around here are so close, it's like one gi-normous city. A city without a lot of street signs and traffic lights, and a ton of crazy drivers. We got here before 5, much earlier than anticipated, so we were able to have a peek around. The old part of Salem is on the waterfront. It reminds me a lot of Charlottetown. It has crazy narrow streets, and tons and tons of house porn! Today, we're doing a trolley tour and the witch museum. We're also heading to Boston for Peter's "Blue Man" show. We're leaving early because we're anticipating being lost for several hours.
It's only 5:23 am. I think I'll finish off the remains of my chicken marsala with lemon and garlic that I had for dinner last night at a pub called, "The Witches' Brew," and maybe run out for an early morning stroll before Peter wakes up.

We Stopped In Bangor To Check Out Stephen King's House

Found the house without incident, amazingly enough. Check out the cool gates, with the bats, spiders and web, and three headed dragon.
Bangor is so pretty.