Monday, July 03, 2006

Compulsive Blogger

Christ, I've blogged a lot today.
And, just now, I put on some water to boil, looked at the tea, cup and strainer on the counter and thought, "What an attractive picture that would be for the blog!" I spent an hour and a half on the computer today when I should have been outside enjoying my day off. Maybe I need a 12-step program.
Anyway, my tea will be finished steeping in a couple of minutes. I have nothing to do the rest of this afternoon, and the Boy went off with his father this morning, so I'm going to park myself on the couch with my chocolate tea, the big chocolate loonie I bought along with the tea, and my new book.

Canada Day In PEI

I love Prince Edward Island. I love the Confederation Bridge, the rolling hills and meadows, the red dirt, the Anne of Green Gables schlock.
Had an awesome 36 hours on the Island. Beautiful weather on Saturday, rained on Sunday, but that was okay. The Canada Day fireworks in Charlottetown were awesome. We stayed in a cottage owned by the parents of a friend at work, along with her hubby and 21 month old daughter, the object of the Boy's affections.
PEI is only about an hour away from Moncton. I don't know why we don't go there more often. Oh yes, the $40.50 bridge toll.


My favourite place in PEI is the beach at Cavendish. There's nothing like walking along the shore in your bare feet, looking at the red cliffs and the fishing boats off in the distance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It's so peaceful, especially if you get there early in the morning, before the busloads of Japanese tourists.
Unfortunately, there was none of that this weekend. It rained on Sunday. But, it did make for some good souvenir shopping weather.

Victoria By The Sea

Tied with the beach at Cavendish, my other favourite place to go on PEI is Victoria. It's a beautiful little village about 10 minutes away from Confederation bridge. It has all my favourite things...ocean, trees, house porn, a lighthouse, chocolate, books, and gift shops.

Victoria House Porn

It's all house porn. That big tree next to the white house is supposed to be one of the oldest on the island.

The Very Best Thing About Victoria!

The chocolate factory!
It's gorgeous on the outside, and on the inside. It's decorated with antique chocolate molds.
Along with all the great chocolate, they have some very nice tea. The best is the custom blend, which is supposed to taste good with chocolate, and actually does.
My old boss scoffed at the idea, so we had a chocolate tea party in his office, and he had to admit it was true.

Bookstore In A Barn In Victoria

I found this book for only five dollars! It's on my Amazon wish list for fifteen dollars, and it takes five to eight days to ship! See, good things happen in Victoria.

Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Suppers In North Rustico

You pay about $35, and get a lobster, plus all the chowder, mussels and dessert you can eat, plus it has a 60 ft long salad bar. I tried valiantly to eat as much as I could hold without pulling a Mr. Creosote. I think I did pretty well.

The Boy Had Fun, Too!

That's his little friend, the Girl. Aren't they cute?

Child With Mullet At Cavendish Visitor Centre

Peter surreptitiously got this shot of the blond kid in the red and black shirt under the guise of taking a picture of the Boy.
If you click the picture to enlarge and look closely, you can see the kid's long rat-tail mullet. I think that's child abuse.

PEI Is Full Of Souvenir Shops

And I just can't stay out of them.
The haul: an apron from the Anne of Green Gables chocolate store, a stained glass boat, and three local interest books, including a Lucy Maud Montgomery, and a Maritime cookbook, which I think I may already own. Also bought some junk for the Boy.
Have to thank Peter for watching the Boy while I dashed off into the shops, saying, "I'll be just five minutes, I SWEAR!"

And, The Piece De Resistance...

Another fish bottle! A great big one! You could buy them filled with wine. But I just wanted the bottle.
Now I have three bottles shaped like fish.