Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Just Finished Reading This

This is the memoir of a widow who spent her summers in the late 1920's-early 30's sailing around the southern coast of BC. With her five young kids. In a 25-foot boat.

It's a very interesting read. But mostly I kept thinking how if it was me, I probably would have left the kids on an island and sailed off without them after about two days.

French Women Don't Get Fat Update

I am happy to say I have not pigged out all week long.

I have a fridge full of organic stuff (and I've even eaten some of it.)

I also bought one of those ridiculously expensive imported "real' dark chocolate bars, instead of my regular Aero and Chunky KitKats. And, get this, it took me three days to eat it, because the nice French Women author says you should only eat a couple of squares a day. Also, it tasted like shit, so it wasn't hard not to gulp it down.

Hopefully, I'll be skinny in a few days. I'm getting pretty hungry.