Monday, September 25, 2006

I Had To Work In Halifax Saturday

I just love Halifax. It's a beautiful city, with tons of interesting history. I'd love to live there one day.
Peter and two of my co-workers came along to bum around the city for the day.
They went to the casino, and the Museum Of The Atlantic with the cool Titanic and Halifax explosion exhibits, while I was busting my buns.
However, we did get there early, and had time to check out Fairview cemetery, which is where a number of Titanic victims are buried.

You Can Enlarge The Pic To Read The Inscription

It's quite something to stand in front of the graves and see them with your own eyes.

This Is The One Everyone Thinks Is Leonardo DiCaprio

It's not, though.

This One Is Sad

Though he's not unknown anymore.

Here's One From The Halifax Explosion

Being A Child Of Divorce Means You Get Two Birthday Parties

The Boy had his third birthday party yesterday.
His little friend, the Girl, came by, but sort of ignored him. Her mother says she's got a new guy at daycare. Tramp.
The Boy consoled himself with sparklers.