Sunday, June 04, 2006

Un-Desperate Housewife

This is me, on the ferry to Nantucket, very happy.
Good vacation. With my love of heritage house porn, ocean views and chowder, interest in colonial history, and Halloween fetish, I can't think of any other place I would have enjoyed exploring as much.
Am happy to be back home with the Boy, and feel very happy and refreshed. To help combat "vacation letdown," Peter and I are already planning a long weekend to Grand Manan.
I promise not to inflict anymore trip shots on anyone via blog. Back to pictures of the Boy's inky-dinky little tushie.

More Nantucket Stuff

I first became of aware of Nantucket as a house porn destination with an interesting whaling history after reading this book a few years ago, after seeing an interesting special on Dateline about it. The story of the Essex was the inspiration for "Moby Dick."
I never thought I'd ever actually be in Nantucket. I love Nantucket. Even with all the horrible bazillion-aires.

Blue Man

This turned out to be an unexpected highlight of the trip. This was Peter's thing, and I had no idea what the show was about, just wanted to get to Boston without dying. The show turned out to be amazing! Though the three blue guys are a tad creepy.
They made art by spewing paint out of their mouths onto a canvas, and I convinced Peter to buy it. Now he has their DNA on his office wall.

House Of Seven Gables Tour In Salem

Expensive but worth it tour of the house that inspired the book, and the home where the author was born (the red house.)
Look at what a hottie Nathaniel Hawthorne was!

Witch Trials Memorial

After a couple of days in Salem and a few museums and many cheesy attractions, I think I must know almost everything about the witch trials. Go ahead, ask me something.
Peter claims there is a face on the "God knows I am innocent of such wickedness."

Chinese House At Peabody Essex Museum

We went to the PEM in Salem, and checked out their Chinese house. It's a real house from Southern China that was in the same family for over 200 years. It was dismantled and brought over, and reassembled at the museum. A totally fascinating look at daily home life in China. Made me want to dig out my old copy of "The Joy Luck Club."

Souvenir Junkie

"Ha ha! I've got your credit card, and you've got a pile of crap!"

Actually, I bought a ton of local interest books and a couple of local cookbooks. I did lose my head a few times, but on the whole, I'm happy with my haul. Though now I wish I had bought a witch ball from Salem and a Nantucket basket. Oh well, next time.

What I Ate

I ate 6 bowls of chowder in three days! I really like chowder. I also tried traditional New England steamed brown bread for the first was okay, and got a side of Boston baked beans. I had a bite just to say I had them.