Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flea Market Saturday

Went to the big Magnetic Hill Flea Market yesterday. That's an annual thing every summer here. There's a lot of crap to wade through, but you can usually find some good buys.

The Strangest Thing I Saw

A pink bustier purse.

The Best Way To Perk Up The Boy When He's Tired And Grumpy

Feed him candy. I know, I'm a bad mother.

The Haul

An old local stone ginger beer bottle, the price of which I haggled down to $25.
Two Busy B candles, the best smelling candles on the planet! I'm not kidding. Especially the lilac and hot apple pie. They're made by two very nice ladies in Woodstock, NB, and I think they only sell them at craft shows.
And, a book for $2.50. It looks like trash, but it has a pretty cover, and also Camden, Maine is on my list of places to visit.