Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lower Back Tattoos

I am going to encourage The Boy to go into dermatology when he grows up. I figure by the time he graduates from medical school, there will be a huge demand for tattoo removal, by all the kids who are currently covering their bodies with tattoos. The passage of time will have warped the tats into misshapen blobs. The Boy can specialize in tattoo removal, and make a bundle.


I've been reading the very attractive "Yarnstorm"'s so pretty, with the gardens, the baking Nigella Lawson recipes with the three kids, the chickens, the knitting and quilting, and charming English slang. I commented yesterday that it all looked too good to be true, and that there was probably chicken crap in her house.
'Yarnstorm' e-mailed back:

Hi,Thanks for your comment about three children and doing all the rest. It made me laugh. I do wage a war against chicken poo in the house (it comes in on shoes - I'm not so relaxed that I let the hens in) and I am doing all the cleaning and housework at the moment (I sacked the pathetic cleaners who drifted in and out once every two weeks after they took one too many liberties ie stealing money from Thomas' bedroom). I'm quite good at ignoring housework but hate a dirty house! So I'm stuck doing it. But I don't do the gym/lunches/coffee mornings and other things that aren't productive - even if it means I miss out on gossip and talking endlessly about education and children and husbands. What a misery I am.So I ask people not to look behind sofas/in my cupboards/at my unironed clothes and serve them a piece of cake and a nice cup of tea. Much better.

I feel like I sent a fan letter to someone, and they wrote back!