Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Bread Machine Failed Me!

I used a recipe from the instruction manual for cracked wheat bread. Apparently, the machine wasn't big enough... the top stuck on the inside of the lid. What a mess!
I don't get it. I followed the recipe. The machine has a 2 lb. loaf setting. And the instruction manual doesn't have a troubleshooting guide.
And, now I have no bread in the house. Nuts!

On The Nightstand

It's just not holding my interest. But I'm halfway through and feel like I should finish it. It feels like I've been reading it for months.

Book Club Meeting Tomorrow

We read this. It was very sad, what with the starving, neglected kids, their drunk father and flake of a mother, but it was hard to put down.
I find it much harder to read this kind of book since I had the Boy. I won't even try to re-read "Angela's Ashes."