Saturday, December 30, 2006

It Was A Very Good Year

Highlights of 2006:

- Joining book club

- taking pottery class

- getting very first speeding ticket (@%$#&!!!)

- discovering

- buying very own camera and laptop

- seeing whales

- getting up at 5am to see hot air balloons

- awesome trips to Salem, Nantucket... and Grand Manan, even though it rained

- FO's... SIL's wedding cross stitch sampler, 2 tied fleece blankets, and ALMOST finished quilt top

Best book - The Birth House by Ami Mckay
Best Meal- Massive gut-busting pigout on lobster, chowder and mussels at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, PEI
Best Movie - Borat, or Devil Wears Prada

I still really, really like my job. I read 42 books. I did put on a few lbs this year, but come on... I'm 36 and have given birth. I tried hard to be a good mother.

2006 has been pretty good to me. I hope 2007 is as good.