Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Beaches Are The Opposite Of The Beaches In New Brunswick!

The sand is a lot softer. The water is blue! Even the shells that wash up on shore are different, like shells in souvenir shops, instead of the usual mussel and clam shells we see here. Oh, yes... and the water is warm!
We spent the first two nights and the last night of our trip in St. Petersburg. Our hotel was right on the beach. We also stopped for a few minutes at the big pier and beach in Naples, where we saw a wild porpoise, and a pelican eating a fish. We were both blown away by the pelicans.

You're Not Going To Believe This

As I was uploading these pics, the weather forecast said there was going to be a snowstorm here in Moncton with 10-15 cm of snow! Sob!
This post was going to be called, "Florida Is Green." I was very taken with the palm trees. And we saw a pineapple! A pineapple!! Growing on a bush thing!
However, the only orange tree we saw was a very small one in someone's front yard in St Petersburg while we were lost. Oh, well. Next time.