Friday, January 07, 2011

2010: the highlights

- Saw a ridiculous number of shows in 2010: Lord of the Dance, Stone Temple Pilots (even though I played games on my phone the whole time), a show at the original Tropicana in Havana, plus all the cheesy shows at the resort every night we were in Cuba, Regis Philbin at the Casino, then Regis and Kelly in Charlottetown, Paul Anka, Kim Mitchell, Joan Rivers, Sig and the Hillstrands from Deadliest Catch, the Nutcracker in December, and Oliver! starring the Boy as 'orphan.'

 - Read 84 books.  That's a lot of lying on the couch.

 - Turned 40.

 - Stayed in three awesome porn inns, including my beloved Mecklenburgh Inn.

 - Finished massive "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" cross stitch, one quilt top, one lap quilt, and almost finished a small hooked rug.

 - Survived changes at work.

 - Started flossing more often.