Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Can't Blog... Knitting!

Yes, knitting! Me!

- Finished a pair of mittens for the Boy, which he actually wears.

- Got first mitten of another pair done. I'm having a hard time with the thumbs... the base is very sloppy. Picking up stitches is hard.

- Tried a hat on circular needles... I am utterly stymied by circular needles.

- Got a knitting injury... I had a small cut next to my thumbnail, and while I was finishing a mitten Sunday evening, it got bigger and began to bleed!

- Am now knitting a scarf on big needles, just because it's fun!

Oh, and my birthday was great, too. Peter got me a cake, and made a financial donation to my chest fund. I've been wanting an antique chest to use as a coffee table for years, and I finally had the brillant idea to ask everyone for cash for Christmas. It's almost mine!