Friday, October 06, 2006

Give Thanks For Those You Love

It's going to be a quiet Thanksgiving weekend here. Sadly, Peter's dad passed away yesterday, after suffering a head injury from a fall on his basement stairs. It was very unexpected and shocking.
Most of us don't think about how someone we love can be gone forever in an instant.
So this Thanksgiving weekend, give thanks for your family and friends.

I Couldn't Sleep Last Night

All because of this stupid book. I picked it up a few nights ago because it looked like a delightfully spooky Halloween read.
Last night I read a chapter about a haunted house where a muffled voice was sometimes heard under a bed in one of the bedrooms.
When I turned out the light, I realized I was petrified.
I was awake for at least an hour, thinking to myself, "I am not a 35 year old grown woman and mother who is AFRAID OF THE DARK!"
And, it was the third night in a row I read the book and scared myself. Maybe I should just read it during the daytime.