Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sister In Law's Wedding Weekend!

It was the nicest wedding I've ever been to. Everything was beautiful, the bride was beaming, the groom was choking back tears, the weather was good, the $120 undergarment held the girls up great, etc.
Best of all, there was no sort of, "I give it 2 years, tops," or "Don't do it, you retards!" kind of feeling.
Here we are, rushing off to the ceremony.

All The Kids Were Dressed Up

A nine year-old, a six year old, four three year olds, and one not-quite one year old....three boys and the rest, girls...all dressed in tuxes and matching dresses. They were all pretty adorable.

The View Of The Miramichi River From The Hall

The food was excellent. With a gi-normous dessert table. Very important.

Here Is The Groom Wiping Away Tears

The groom couldn't stop crying. Actually, everyone was crying, especially during the speeches. It was very touching at first, but after a while I had to stifle a few giggles.

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Ugh! Bad angle! We all look compressed and fat!
The dresses were actually pretty cute, though a little chilly for October, especially given the amount of time we spent outdoors for pics.
The Boy had some issues with the fit of his tux. And his father put white socks on him.
The little wiener made me hold him for most of the ceremony.

Don't We Make A Cute Couple?

My new favourite picture of the Boy and me.

The Cross Stitch Gift Received Ample Praise

I guess I'm glad I didn't keep it and give them a crockpot instead.
Sort of.

Of Interest To Fans Of Maeve Binchy

This is Helena, who is married to the best man. She's from County Tipperary, Ireland, and she's from the same town as Maeve Binchy! Isn't that neat? She said she's never read any of Maeve's books.