Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cherry Pie

Every once in a while, my inner Martha comes out. Today I made a fresh cherry pie while the Boy was with his father.
So you won't think me anything less than a domestic goddess, I did NOT take any pictures of the incredible mess I made pitting the cherries I paid ten dollars for, or of the sad patch job I made of the crust. I don't have the knack for pie crust. It tastes okay, but I just can't get that perfect smooth crust that comes off the counter in one piece. I guess that means I should make pie more often.
The pie smells incredible, exactly like a Cows ice cream shop. If you've ever been in a Cows (on Prince Edward Island and I think just three other locations across the country) you'll know the smell I'm talking about.

Ta Da!

The pie turned out pretty good. I would have been very ticked off if it hadn't, after I spent $10 on the cherries, only to have them turn up in today's SuperStore flyer for less than half of what I paid for them.
The wooden thing it's in is a pie carrier.
I saw a picture of one in Country Living magazine a few years ago, and got my Dad to make me one. I've never used it. But it sure looks cute collecting dust in the kitchen.

Read This Yesterday

I read this in about two hours last night, after the Boy left with his father. I was too tired to get up off the couch, so I read until I finished it. I love Maeve Binchy. Everything she writes is just so nice, even though there are always nasty, rude people and cheating spouses in her books.

Shopping Online Is Fun!

And expensive.
I just ordered these from Downeast Books purely out of boredom. However, I have been after the quilt book for more than two years, but its release date kept getting pushed back. It's still not available on Amazon. The other book, well, I really like books about ghosties and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. Especially when the stories are supposed to be true. That makes it even scarier. I loves me a good scare. When I go somewhere, I usually buy a local cookbook or a book of "true" local ghost stories as a souvenir. I found a great cookbook in Nantucket, but not a ghostie book. So I had to get this one.