Thursday, March 16, 2006

Adventures In Knitting

Okay, so I've figured out how to cast on, knit, purl, I picked up a dropped stitch once, though I still screwed up a few other times, and I figured out how to cast off last night. I don't understand why what I knit keeps curling at the edges, though. Maybe it's a tension thing that comes with practice?
Still though, I'm going to make a few dishcloths to get some practice in, then I think I'll be ready to make the first project in the Debbie Bliss "How To Knit" book, a garter stitch bag.

New Books

New books I have yet to read. It's a very nice feeling when you have a couple of new books to look forward to, though this is a little much.
Well, I did want to read more new books this year, instead of re-reading a lot of old favourites. This should keep me going for a while.