Friday, February 24, 2006

If I Ever Get To Be Any Good At Rug Hooking..

I would love to be able to make these.
(I'm all about the Maritimes)

Something Else I Managed To Finish

This is a teeny weeny little beginner's hooked rug I made from a kit I got at a studio in Mahone Bay. It's only about 6" by 8", and it STILL took me forever to finish it. I didn't do a great job on it, and I also wasn't sure how to finish the edges.
But it was my first, and I still think it's kind of cute.

New Craving!

Had a Quizno's chicken carbonara sub for lunch yesterday.
I don't know if I was just hungry, but it tasted incredible. It was so tasty, I frightened my co-workers (and aroused one male fellow employee) with my growling sounds as I devoured the sub's creamy chicken-y-bacon-y goodness.
I could eat one right now, and it isn't even 8am yet.