Friday, August 10, 2007

Scully and I Have Returned

We've been to Shag Harbour! The museum was a little campy, (it was in someone's shed) but it was very cool. Definitely worth doing! Check out the Shag Harbour post office's cancellation mark in the bottom pic. We each got postcards.


The Rescue Mediums Did Their Job Well

We encountered no spooks at the hotel. Though apparently they were mostly on the third floor where the family who owns the place now lives.

An employee told me the door in the top pic would open and close by itself.



How could I not have known about Shelburne? It's gorgeous!


Shelburne Home and Garden Porn

The houseporn in Shelburne was awesome!


Outhouse Museum in Liverpool

Strangely interesting.

I liked the chamber pots.

I keep one filled with potpourri in my bathroom.


And Last, Cinnabon Porn!

Since there's no Cinnabon in Moncton, we stopped in Halifax so I could get a cinnamon bun, and maybe another one to bring home.

I wound up getting six. &#$#@!!