Monday, February 26, 2007

Cute Things The Boy Said This Weekend, And Not So Cute

Cute: (Upon entering the washroom) "I'd like some privacy."

Not So Cute: (To Peter) "How ya doin, turd?" (There was some confusion over this. I thought he said, '" 'tard," while Peter heard "turd." Whichever it was, he didn't hear it from me!)

Cute: (After I told him he couldn't play in the neighbor's yard) "They won't mind, Mommy, I'm cute!"

Not So Cute: "Bugger!" (That one's my fault."

Here he is bowling this weekend. I somehow managed to hurt my elbow that day. I have a bowling injury. How cool am I?

I Think I'd Better Avoid Ebay

I tried EBay for the first time this weekend. I bought a basket that no one else wanted, and suffered a heartbreaking loss of a bag in the last ten seconds.
Later, I bid on this dough bowl in the last two minutes, just for the hell of it, expecting I'd be outbid in seconds.
I'm now the proud owner of a wooden dough bowl.
Now Peter keeps referring to me as "the junkie."