Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sickening Boy Story

Two year olds are no picnic to look after. Even the Boy, darling as he is.
The book "What To Expect During The Toddler Years" even has a line in it about how the only creature more unpleasant than a two year old is a teenager.
The Boy tried to kill poor Mummy the other morning, after a late night and poor sleep. The tired Boy was such a grouch that Mommy was ready to crawl into the closet and stay there all day sucking her thumb.
Friday night though, we were cuddled up in bed reading "Love You Forever." When we got to the part where the baby has grown up and moved across town, the Boy wanted to know why he moved away from his Mommy and Daddy. I told him that when you're all grown up, you get to live in a house of your very own, and that one day, he would, too.
"Would my Daddy come and stay with me?" (stupid Daddy Daddy Daddy)
"Sure he would."
"And Mummy too?"
"Mummy too."
Then he gave the sweetest little smile and said,"I would like that."
That was one of those moments that makes it all worth it (and not a minute too soon.)