Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spooky Reading

I got these three scary books from Amazon last month and finished them last week. I just love "true account haunting" books. They're so much fun. Except at night when you're afraid to turn out the light or let your foot dangle over the edge of the bed.

I'm Starting An Ebay 12-Step Program

Lessons I have learned about Ebay:

1) There are few good deals when you're paying in Canadian funds.

2) You can get really ripped off on shipping fees if you live in Canada.

I never heard back from the wooden bowl lady. I thought that was very rude of her. But at least I hadn't paid for it.

I put in a low offer on a really, really nice Nantucket basket purse just for the hell of it, not thinking it would be accepted. However, it was accepted, and I thought I had a snagged a great deal, until the seller charged me $37.99 for shipping! U-S! The purse had better be full of gold coins!

Luckily, I did snag a deal on the first basket purse I won, the one in the pic below. That seller only charged $14 for shipping.