Friday, August 18, 2006

I Think I Need To Make More Friends (the human kind)

I've been torn the past few days over whether to move Charlotte, the spider who lives in my sideview mirror ( yes, I named her,) to a location better suited to an arachnid.
I actually found myself thinking these thoughts as I drove home tonight, watching Charlotte bounce up and down on her web, and flap wildly in the wind:

"What if she really wants the web on my car door? Maybe she likes having her universe shaken at least twice a day when I drive around. Maybe it's fun to her. Maybe she's an extreme spider."


"But what if she doesn't move somewhere else because she doesn't realize other places don't move around...I wonder if spiders have some sort of brain?"

Sweet Jesus.

Reflecting Star

I managed to finish a quilt block this week. Nice, huh? But time consuming. It's going to take all summer to finish the quilt top.

The Boy Is All Boy

This is the Boy in his bath last night. He looks like he was having a lot of fun. He was.
I don't know what his father fed him yesterday, but the kid was tooting up a storm, and a lot of bubbles, too. He also tooted almost right in poor Peter's face. The Boy thought this was all very funny.
Not only that, he also said for the first time,"pull my finger." He's just like his father.