Friday, October 26, 2007

Last Pics of Our Quicky-Poo Trip to Nova Scotia a Couple of Weeks Ago

Pic 1 - They had this jack o'lantern display in Mahone Bay, a street full of house and tree porn, with dozens of jack o'lanterns.
The boat off in the distance in the third picture is the Bluenose (II). We realized what it was only after taking a bunch of pictures, then raced back to Lunenburg where it's docked. We were on the wharf when it came in, and Peter got whacked by a rope one of the crew threw from the boat. Not many people can say they were attacked by Canada's most famous schooner.

The blurry last pic is in Mahone Bay's bookstore "The Biscuit Eater," surely one of the porniest bookstores ever. It's in the second oldest house in Mahone Bay, and it just feels really good when you walk in, and makes you want to hang out all day. Anyhoo, they had a scary ghost story night when we were there. We were there about two years ago, and it was pretty neat. This time however, a group of weirdos who had just been to a crop circle conference in Vermont hogged most of the evening, talking about energy lines. It was still very entertaining, though I prefer ghostie-type stuff, myself. The blurry gentleman was some historian who was telling some kind of spooky tale about the area.

I love Mahone Bay and Chester. If I ever win the lottery I'm moving there.