Friday, November 12, 2010

The house porn is in the details

The Mecklenburgh Inn is full of beautiful, interesting, and quirky stuff everywhere: quilts, hooked rugs, antiques, rubber duckies in the bathrooms and beanie babies hanging from the light fixtures, lots of art, etc. It manages to look very cool and eclectic, whereas my place would look just full of crap.

Old sign in kitchen.

Room signs.

Neat antique coffee grinder.

One of many hooked rugs of all sizes scattered throughout the inn.

Seashell wallpaper!

Bacon and eggs stained glass above the front door! 

Lots of lamps with nautical shades.

Gorgeous old floors.

Another nautical lampshade.

Butcher block in the kitchen.

There are quilts on the walls, quilts hung over the bannister, and quilts thrown over everywhere to sit down.

Another hooked rug.

There are hooked mats on top of tables and chests, and lots of old ones on the floors.

I really love this quilt.

More old hooked mats.