Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally, the Wrap Up of Our Trip to Bar Harbor Last Month

I love Bar Harbor. There's so much porn there, house porn, Acadia national park porn, boat porn, water porn, food porn. And lighthouse porn, too. That's the Bass Harbor lighthouse.

Look At All the Crap I Bought!

  1. A bunch of books, including a really nice cookbook of Mount Desert Island restaurant recipes, and an autographed copy of the new Linda Greenlaw book.
  2. Strawberry jam and a popover pan from Jordan Pond restaurant. I was in the throes of popover love. Actually, I've made them twice, so the pan wasn't a total waste of money.
  3. A pottery mug (I collect them), a tea canister with the Bass Harbor lighthouse on it (it matches the Key West coffee canister I got last year), and really awesome mustard from the Atlantic Brewing Company. The mustard seeds are soaked in their beer, and then stoneground.
  4. A puzzle? What in the hell did I want a puzzle for? Oh well, I was really drawn to it, for some reason. Peter was sweet enough to buy it for me.
  5. A t-shirt from the brewery, for running. It has a boat on it. I like boats. Peter bought this for me too. He's such an enabler.
  6. A windbreaker from the gift shop on top of Cadillac Mountain. It was raining a bit and I was cold, plus it was only 25 bucks.

And, the Piece De Resistance...

One of the best things about Maine is LL Bean!
I have been wanting an LL Bean barn coat for something like ten years. And look how much I paid for it!!!

We Went to Grand Manan On Our Last Day of Vacation So We Could Go On a Puffin Tour

The only thing that Peter wanted to do on our trip was to take a boat to Machias Island to see puffins. It was a beautiful sunny day when we drove from Bar Harbor and took the ferry to GM. The next morning ... it was raining and the tour had been cancelled. I still had a good time because we stayed at the ultra-porny Compass Rose Inn, but Peter vows he will never set foot on Grand Manan again.

Incidentally, doesn't Peter take great pictures? I really like the one of the lifeboat on the ferry.

Our Room Was in the Inn's Spare House, But was Still Very Porny

The Compass Rose Inn Has the Porniest Dining Room EVER!

And it looks out over the wharf. It's so gorgeous. Look at all the neat decorating ideas!

Bar Harbor and all of Mount Desert Island is GORGEOUS!

Breathtakingly Beautiful Acadia National Park

  1. Sunset on Cadillac Mountain
  2. The Porcupine Islands and the lights of Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain
  3. Thunderhole!
  4. One of the many carriage roads in the park, for hiking, biking and horse rides. (I stole this pic from the net... the first three pics are Peter's)
  5. Jordan Pond
  6. Sand Beach

We Took A Trolley Tour Through Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Bus tours are great ways to see a new place. The driver was named Ron, a lifelong resident of Mount Desert Island, complete with the accent, and actually called it "Baa Ha-bah."

The lady in the bottom pic had the exact layers in her hair that I desired, and Peter was aghast when I told him I was going to ask to take a pic of her hair. But she was perfectly understanding. In fact, I think she may have said she's done the same thing.

Beer & BBQ Porn ... Who Knew?

I have never thought of beer or BBQ as porn, but when Peter suggested a tour and tasting at the Atlantic Brewing Company, I was pleasantly surprised by the porn location, and the brewery's rustic porn BBQ restaurant. For just $14 each, we got enormous platters of awesome-tasting real smoked BBQ, coleslaw, potato salad and beans.