Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekend Project

I think the Boy is going to Halifax with his father this weekend. If he does, I am going to organize my 3 big baskets of unfinished projects.
Then, in an attempt to stop feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects I've started and not finished, I'm going to organize them, and make a list.
I'm flip-flopping between knitting practice dishcloths and cross-stitching my sister-in-law's sampler right now. I should really get to work on my unfinished quilts.

Evil Pink Bunny

I had a nasty bug the other day. It's been making the rounds of the area. I've been told it's called "The Pink Bunny" flu. Why it is called that, I have no idea.
I had to stay in bed on Wednesday, and now, two days later, I'm left with a nasty head cold, and my throat is very sore. It feels like the evil pink bunny is in there with a sander.