Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Ferry Ride

Very windy, but fun.

Chowder from ferry cafeteria: ehhh. But the bread was very good.

Where We Stayed

The Marathon Inn , built in the late 18-somethings by a retired sea captain. It's gorgeous.

There Are Antiques Everywhere!

The whole building smells like old wood, but in a very pleasant way.
Most of the antiques are original to the inn.

Our Room

The bedroom set is original to the inn.

The view from our room looks out to the harbour where the ferry docks.

Check out the old bathtub. I had a great soak in the tub, but the antique hand-held shower was kind of a pain.
I had a clawfoot tub in an old apartment...I had the best baths in it.

The Compass Rose

The Compass Rose is an inn and dining room on Grand Manan. I have been wanting to eat there since I bought a cookbook about 6 or 7 years ago with their picture and one of their recipes in it. The place is just as lovely and quaint as I'd hoped, and the food was amazing. Of course, Picky Peter didn't like anything on the menu, so he got fried chicken afterwards from a convenience store.

Pig Out At The Compass Rose

The food was great! Even the green beans were tasty.
The brown bread was served hot out of the oven, and was the best brown bread I've ever eaten. And look! The butter is on a shell! I am sorry to say I ate the entire loaf myself.
I had seafood lasagna for the main course, and fudge cake for dessert.
What an awesome meal.

Around Grand Manan

The Long Eddy Lighthouse

"Hole In The Wall"

Boats at Dark Harbour

Southwest Head

Swallowtail Light And The View From The Very High Cliff It's On

We saw seals having a snack in a fishing weir at the bottom of the extremely high cliff. What a high cliff! With nothing to prevent you from plummeting to your certain death. I wonder if my ex husband would like to visit here?

Goodbye, Grand Manan!

We saw porpoises on the ride home!

And, Since I Know You're Dying To See What Junk I Bought...

Two local interest books, one about pirate treasure in the Maritimes, and a book of spooks in St. Andrew's.

A stained glass ship, a tea measuring spoon, and blueberries from the blueberry shack in Pennfield, NB.

A pottery mug with a handle shaped like a whale's tail, to add to my pottery mug collection. Isn't it cute?

Also, two bowls with shells all over them, a Grand Manan pullover that I bought to keep warm during the whale cruise that didn't happen (I've already stained it), and, from Whale Cove Knitters, a canvas bag featuring their logo, a whale wearing a sweater. I know, I don't knit, not yet anyway, but look! It's a whale wearing a sweater! How was I supposed to pass that up?