Monday, August 14, 2006

Why Am I So Disorganized? Why? Why?!

I dug out the sampler quilt blocks I started last year, and didn't finish.
I'm still sorting through a horrifying mess of block patterns and other assorted quilting/cross stitch/other crafty supplies.
But a couple of evenings and I should be ready to go.
The blocks are very nice, actually. It's going to be a lovely quilt. I really love sampler quilts. There's so much to look at on one.

Annual Victoria Park Arts And Crafts Fair In Moncton

Me, yesterday: I'm not buying anything! I mean it!

What I bought: two bags of the most incredible smelling apple and cinnamon potpourri, two Busy B candles, two scarves, a pair of mittens for the Boy (because we had been chatting with the nice lady running the booth and I felt I should buy something,) and some chocolate/amaretto fudge.

And I spent six dollars on cat tails and Indian tobacco for the barrel on my steps. Yes, I know I could have picked it myself for free, but I never would have gotten around to it. Doesn't it look nice?