Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Rite Of Passage I Could Have Done Without

I have to wear a pink, strapless bridesmaid dress next month. I happen to be fairly well-endowed (no, I'm not bragging.) Strapless and well-endowed do not go together well. On top of that, the dress shows EVERY SINGLE bulge.
After much cursing at the sister-in-law who picked out the dress, I finally accepted that I was going to have to make my very first purchase of a spandex-lycra contouring undergarment.
So, I went shopping. I tried on some truly scary looking contraptions. To add to the humiliation, the salesgirl who tried to help me at one place was waif-skinny and looked to be all of 20 years old. Worst of all, nothing fit because of my troublesome top half.
Just when I had lost all hope, I was sent off to a new lingerie shop in town that just opened last month. The visit didn't start out so well. I tried on another couple of scary contraptions, and was informed that one of the girls is actually bigger than the other (!!??). But, the nice (not 20 or skinny) lady helping me found me a bustier, which, while pretty expensive, ($120) hides all bulges, and definitely does not look like something a portly 65 year old would wear. Best of all, it raises the girls to heights they haven't seen in years! Like when I was 16! Well, not 16...the girls didn't turn up until I was about 20. But they look pretty impressive!
Bring on the pink strapless bridesmaid dress!

I Hate Colds!

I have a nasty cold, the kind where you're walking around with kleenex stuffed up your nostrils. I took yesterday off, took the Boy to the sitter's, took an extra large dose of Dimetapp and passed out on the couch for the day until it was time to pick the Boy up again. It helped, I think. I don't feel quite as yucky today.