Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chocolate-Covered Cherries!

Was at my bookclub meeting Thursday night at Chapters...guess what was half-price at Starbucks?! One of my favourite treats, chocolate covered cherries!! They had a bunch of the small 85 g boxes, normally $4.50 plus tax, on for $2.25!! I got five boxes, the high school kid at the cash said I wouldn't pay tax if I got six, she turned out to be wrong, so I joking told her she should throw in a free box...and she did!! So I came home with seven boxes! I'm down to five now.

UPDATE: after scoffing down another box this afternoon, I looked the remaining four boxes, and thought perhaps I should get some more. I've got eight boxes now. JOY!

UPDATE #2: Okay, I just happened to be in Chapters, and I bought one more box. Just one! I noticed there are only three boxes left. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one buying them.

Something I Actually Finished

Crocheted Rag Rug

Now this was a lot of fun to make. I took a class at The Fabric Cupboard when I was still on maternity leave...I remember how excited I was to get out of the house for an entire Saturday. I also remember I had to run home at lunch time to nurse the Boy.
You cut your fabric into 1 and a quarter inch strips, sew them together into longer strips, roll them into balls, and start crocheting.
I would love to make another one of these. If I ever do, I'm going to keep the colours together, instead of mixing them up. Retail Therapy

How is it I never knew about on-line retail? It's great. I was able to order these from while the Boy's father, who popped in to give me some relief time, was here trying to get him down for a nap. The first two books are the May and June selections for my book club...the other, just something I wanted to read.

There Is Nothing Sadder Than A Sick Baby

Or, "big boy." The Boy is sick. He's had a nasty cold all week, and Thursday night had quite a high fever, which lasted into Friday. I had to take the morning off work, and my aunt came to stay with him for a couple of hours in the afternoon until his father could come get him. It was a very tough 5 hours at work. It was the first time I've ever felt guilt over being a working mother.
Anyhoo, the poor little guy was up most of last night with an alarmingly high fever, which went down very suddenly this morning, and then he was just fine. Completely back to his old, rambunctious, exhausting self, while Mummy was struggling to keep her eyes open, having been up all night herself.
He's napping now, which is what I should be doing myself, except I don't want to waste some quiet time to myself.