Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Uh Oh

Ongoing flooding across portions of northeastern Massachusetts is on pace to break records dating back decades.National Weather Service meteorologist Charlie Foley says flooding for the Merrimack Valley may exceed flooding recorded during the 1938 hurricane.
On September 21st, 1938, a hurricane slammed the coast, killing between 500 and 700 people and washing away hundreds of beach front homes.
In the spring of 1936, heavy rainstorms over a 13-day period caused heavy flooding in New England, causing between 150-and-200 deaths.
Governor Romney calls the flooding a (quote) "level of crisis" beyond anything the affected communities have ever seen in their history.

This sounds about right for my kind of luck.
The lovely 1809 inn we're supposed to be staying at in Salem in 10 days is probably going to be swept out to sea.

It's A Good Thing The Boy Is So Cute

Tired, tired, tired. Boy slept very poorly last night. He is now curled up in my bed, looking like a cherub instead of the grumpy demon child he's going to be if he doesn't sleep at least another hour or two.
The topic on yesterday's talk show at work was about how some study has shown that working mothers are healthier than stay at home mothers. No kidding! I spent a year on mat leave, and going to work is like a paid vacation in comparison. Plus, at work, they give you time to eat... your kids don't even give you 5 minute bathroom breaks!
And I only have one! I can't imagine stay-at-homes with four kids! And mothers who home school...well, they have a lot more energy than I do.