Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crazy Cleaning Desperate Housewife Narrator Here!

DH endeavors to have her abode in a state of Martha-like cleanliness.
She has her Martha homekeeping book, her Cheryl Mendelson, her Beeton's, and she very much enjoys feeling superior to the animals Kim and Aggie have to deal with on "How Clean Is Your House."
And, while she does relatively okay at the regular everyday chores, life with a highly energetic (and destructive) three year old and a full time job just doesn't leave much time for cleaning anything that's not going to grow potentially fatal bacteria.
However, every year or so, I rear my OCD head, and give DH an irresistable urge to clean everything in sight. Tonight, I made her clean almost every single inch of her bedroom. It was in a simply deplorable state. There was a coating of dust everywhere. The windows ... oy! I forced her to scrub the blinds in the bathtub, dust everything in the room, including the baseboards, wash the windows, windex the glass in the picture frames, and even vacuum the walls.
Now, a mere three hours later, her bedroom is a sparkling grown-up haven, free of dust, clutter, and toys, with sparkling glass and windows and gleaming wood.
Of course, the tea on the tray is just for show. Tea in bed?! The potential for disaster is too great. DH is too tired to do anything except fall into her tidy bed anyway.