Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

OTTAWA -- The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Canada's system of no-fault divorce does not preclude courts from factoring in the devastating emotional consequences of misconduct in maintaining spousal support. But the highly nuanced judgment ordering Gary Leskun to continue paying support to his ex-wife stresses that misconduct alone is no reason for granting support to a wronged spouse. Rather, emotional trauma -- whatever its source -- may be considered by trial judges as another factor in a person's financial outlook. Leskun, who left his wife of 20 years to marry another woman in1998, was appealing lower-court rulings that maintained SherryLeskun's monthly $2,250 in spousal support on the grounds that the now 59-year-old woman was too bitter to work. Sherry Leskun was found by lower courts to be ``bitter to the point of obsession'' with her former husband's infidelity and thus unable to support herself.(CP)

I guess that'll learn him!

It's Mine!

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart last Thursday paying for a prescription for the Boy after his nasty allergic reaction to penicillin (he's fine now) when I saw this in the display of cheapo DVD's, for only $9.98!
The ultimate chick flick! The crowning glory of my girl-movie collection!
I must have seen this movie about a hundred times on TV over the years, but I still always cry when Sally Field melts down after Julia Roberts' funeral.