Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Cross Stitch Project

Like I don't have enough half-finished crafty-things languishing in baskets and closets.
I've known my sister-in-law for almost 15 years, and in that whole time, she has only ever gone out with totally unsuitable men.
Now, she's finally met a suitable one, and they are building a house and getting married in June.
So, I'm making her a "Bless This House/wedding" sampler, not exactly like this one, but just as beautiful, for a wedding gift.

X-mas Shopping

I WILL finish my Christmas shopping today. However, just thinking about being in the very crowded stores with the insane lineups makes me tired. I like Christmas, but I don't like Christmas shopping in Moncton on weekends. Malls are horrible places.

* (1 star)

The trailers lied!
This isn't a funny, light-hearted, fluffy piece of entertainment! The boyfriend's family is mean to Sarah Jessica Parker! Diane Keaton is a bitch! Then she dies! Very disappointing. There was some nice house porn, though.
And, what is it with Sarah Jessica Parker, anyway? I
think she's homely. She has
a horse face.