Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Mother Always Wanted Me To Be A Hair Stylist

It's good thing I never pursued it as a career.
I trimmed the Boy's bangs last week after we watched an episode of "Nanalan'" where Nana gave Mona her first haircut, and Kenneth decided he needed one too.
Oh, well. Everyone needs a childhood picture of themselves with a Mom haircut.

Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Festival In Sussex, NB

The big hot air balloon festival in Sussex was this weekend. Peter and I actually got up at 5am to see the morning launch. Only one was able to go up because it was too windy, but a bunch of others were inflated. It was pretty cool. We went back last night with the Boy for the evening launch, which again didn't happen because of the weather. But the Boy didn't care. There were french fries, milkshakes, and midway rides, so he was happy.
The balloons were pretty cool. Look at the back of the honeybear balloon... the bee looks like it's barfing on his head.