Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best inn porn movie ever

I watch this movie about once a month. It's about ... uh, some woman and some guy ... whatever! Who cares what it's about?! Look at the inn!! It's right on the beach!
Look at the cool swinging doors in the kitchen!
Look at the antique furniture and the old stove!
And the gorgeous black and orange mill wheel quilt on Jean's bed, and the string quilt on the rack next to the cool old sink in Richard Gere's room.
And my favourite ... the beaded curtain thing in the doorway to the dining room. I have paused and zoomed it, and while it's kind of blurry, I've been able to make out a bunch of different shells, coloured glass beads, and what appears to be cinnamon sticks.
And get this ... the current owners of the actual house have moved it down the road to somewhere more stable (it was falling into the ocean) and are decorating the interior to look like the movie and renting it to tourists by the week!!