Thursday, February 16, 2006

Get Ready To Gag! Naked Boy Picture!

Being a parent makes you act weird. Maybe it starts with the pregnancy hormones.

For instance: I have a real thing for taking pictures of the Boy's cute little inky dinky butt. This is him just out of the bath, covered in baby powder.

I have a ton of naked pictures of the Boy and his little tush. Someday, I'm going to make a scrapbook with just his butt shots, and show it to his prom date.

First "Corners Of My Home"

Here's the Boy with our "Valentine's Tree," soon to be a "St. Patrick's Day Tree" and then an "Easter Tree."
I stuck some branches into an old sap bucket I picked up at Turner's Christmas At The Coliseum for 5 bucks...the bucket sat around for a few months, but I knew I'd think of something to do with it.
I thought the tree would be a cute way to teach the Boy about different holidays.
I need to go to Michael's to look for some shamrock decorations.